my GIFriday

  Life is easy for the lovely Victoria.  She’s figured out the key to surviving the miserable Texas summer–add hot sauce. That’s why she was perfect choice to star in an ad we made for  The Austin Chronicle Hot Sauce Festival.   We all know it’s hot, it’s Texas!  EMBRACE THE […]

My GIFriday: The Austin Chronicle Hot Sauce Festival

  What the wagon wheel!  This wagon is an example of some of the detail that goes on in the background of Earp.  Aren’t those horses clippity clopping their way right into your heart?

My GIFriday: Wagons Ho!

Don’t you think Jennymarie Jemison (Big Nose Kate) and Shannon McCormick (Sheriff Johnny Behan) make excellent chefs in this GIF we made for a side project? We learned that the knife sharpener Shannon is so deftly wielding is called a honer. The more you know!

My GiFriday: Chefs!