The most prestigious producers in adult animation partner with Minnow Mountain to make exceptional film and television. Our unique rotoscope process is art at an industrial scale with high production values and a long track record of success.

Our film Tower (2016, Dir. Keith Maitland) won the Emmy for Best Historical Documentary. Forbes called our series Undone (2019, Dir. Hisko Hulsing) “indescribably great television.” Look for season 2 of Undone coming soon to Amazon Prime. We’ve just completed work on Richard Linklater’s Apollo 10 1/2: A Space Age Childhood and look forward to release on Netflix in early 2022.

Steph Swope: Studio Partner and Producer

A 23-year veteran of the independent film industry, Steph co-founded Minnow Mountain. She’s an award-winning producer of animated series and feature films. Her honest and analytical approach to production laid the foundation for Minnow Mountain’s success.

Craig Staggs: Studio Partner and Director

Filmmaker and animation director Craig Staggs co-founded Minnow Mountain after a lifelong career in art, theater, and film. He’s an acclaimed independent producer known for his ability as a visual artist. Craig is the mastermind behind Minnow Mountain’s rotoscope approach, advocating for a focus on story, character, and acting.

Christopher Jennings: Assistant Director 

Christopher “Topher” Jennings is an animator, designer, and illustrator specializing in children’s media. He’s the illustrator of over 24 books for major publishers. Making great stuff through collaboration is his jam.

Rachel Dendy: Line Producer

Rachel Dendy is an art maker and facilitator with a background in theatrical stage, event, and tour management. Her chosen artistic mediums are crochet, embroidery, and spreadsheets.

Dean Hsieh: Animation Supervisor

Dean Hsieh is a lifelong creative who pursued his obsession with art, music, and films into a fulfilling career in animation. In his spare time he rocks out on the guitar and collects vintage stuff.

Nathan Bayless: Performance Capture Laboratory Lead

Nate Bayless has been working in Austin film and animation since 2008. He has a love of experimental visuals, extensive knowledge of VFX production, and an impressive ability to go toe-to-toe with even the most obscure movie-quoters.

Undone Season One Crew
Also Undone Season One Crew


Performance Capture Animation

Performance Capture is the art of translating an actor’s emotional and physical presence from video to animation. At Minnow Mountain we focus on the character’s mental state and motivation as we hand-draw key frames for our unique pipeline.

Character Animation Workshop

Led by veteran animation supervisor Dean Hsieh, Minnow Mountain’s Character Animation Workshop is dedicated to the translation of an actor’s performance, focusing on the emotional state of the character.

Performance Capture Laboratory 

Minnow Mountain’s Performance Capture Laboratory, led by mad scientist Nathan Bayless, increases production quality of our performance capture through innovation and automation. His team employs a secret and evolving combination of softwares and digital approaches that turbo boost the quality of our animation. 

We are excited to offer original content and professional services. 

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