ike clanton

Ike Clanton (Roger Wallace) and Frank McLaury (Christopher Shea) bring coffee to a gunfight. Like Ike’s cup? You can buy it in our mercantile!

Ike and Frank Brought Coffee

We are thrilled that country dreamboat Roger Wallace is a part of the Earp team.  He is not only lending us his vocal talents as Ike Clanton, but is writing original songs for the production as well!  Enjoy the video of Wallace performing his song “So Much Trouble” at the […]

Roger Wallace Performing “So Much Trouble”

From Aphid Animation’s Craig Staggs, the creator of Big Ol’ Tire Fire, Daily Uke, Workout with Erica Nix and Weatherman with Kelli Bland, comes a new animated comedy. Here is the outrageous NSFW teaser trailer featuring colorful images, colorful characters, and even more colorful language. In a lawless land of […]

Earp Red Band Teaser Trailer: Animated Web Series Coming Soon