jennymarie jeminson

Don’t you think Jennymarie Jemison (Big Nose Kate) and Shannon McCormick (Sheriff Johnny Behan) make excellent chefs in this GIF we made for a side project? We learned that the knife sharpener Shannon is so deftly wielding is called a honer. The more you know!

My GiFriday: Chefs!

From Aphid Animation’s Craig Staggs, the creator of Big Ol’ Tire Fire, Daily Uke, Workout with Erica Nix and Weatherman with Kelli Bland, comes a new animated comedy. Here is the outrageous NSFW teaser trailer featuring colorful images, colorful characters, and even more colorful language. In a lawless land of […]

Earp Red Band Teaser Trailer: Animated Web Series Coming Soon

The wonderfully talented Jennymarie Jemison, Earp’s very own Big Nosed Kate, was recently featured on Wayne Alan Brenner’s blog, all over creation, on the Austin Chronicle website. The article includes an interview with Jennymarie herself, details her many artistic achievements, and shows just why we are lucky she has graced […]