We are back! After a short break for creative and decidedly uncreative reasons we are back in production full time on Earp and this is the first fruit of our efforts. It’s a long panning background. So long, in fact that it is day on one side and night on […]

Background Art: Earp Farm

Kelli Bland, our vocal director and Josie Whatsherface, has been developing ART SHOW/MODEL SHOW in collaboration with paperchairs for the past year. Also featuring Michelle Keffer, ART SHOW/MODEL SHOW is a rare glimpse at the subjects behind the art, and the relationship between artist and model. We are proud of […]


Earp’s sound designer, Buzz Moran, hosts a new KLRU web series called “What’s That, Buzz?”. The show reveals of the mechanics and secrets behind different sound effects. ┬áNow you can trick people into thinking there is a train in your living room!

Buzz Moran Shows Us How to Make Train Sounds!