Earp Red Band Teaser Trailer: Animated Web Series Coming Soon

Teaser Trailer

From Aphid Animation’s Craig Staggs, the creator of Big Ol’ Tire Fire, Daily Uke, Workout with Erica Nix and Weatherman with Kelli Bland, comes a new animated comedy. Here is the outrageous NSFW teaser trailer featuring colorful images, colorful characters, and even more colorful language.

In a lawless land of death and misery Wyatt Earp is forced to decide what kind of man he’s gonna be. This eight part  web series is based on the nearly true story of America’s original Western hero.

What happens when a natural born coward must fight to defend his love and avenge his family? He becomes a legend, whether he wants to or not.

Series creator Craig Staggs adapted the original screenplay he co-wrote with Mark Stewart (Project:Rant!) and Hilah Johnson (Hilah Cooking) in addition to serving as series director and lead animator for Earp’s 12 person production team.

Characters are, in most cases, based on the actor who did the voice performance. Voice talent includes: E. Jason Liebrecht (Waking Life) portraying the charismatically unhinged Johnny Ringo, Shannon McCormick (Red vs. Blue) as the evil Sheriff Johnny Behan, Jennymarie Jemison (The Quiet Girls Guide to Violence) as “Big Nose” Kate, Robert H. Lambert (The Holy Deuce) as Virgil Earp, Judd Farris as Morgan Earp, Asaf Ronen (Red Vs. Blue) as “Doc” Holliday, Noel Gaulin (Adam Sultan) as Billy Rosepile, Kelli Bland (Austin High & Weatherman with Kelli Bland) plays Wyatt’s love interest Josie Whatserface, Michelle Keffer (Project: Rant!) as Annie Oakley, Christopher Shea as Bat Masterson, George Riley as Husky Joe,  Craig Staggs as Wyatt Earp, featuring stand-up comedian Chris Cubas as the outlaw Curly Bill, and country music heartthrob Roger Wallace as Ike Clanton. Voice performances directed by Kelli Bland.

The score is written and composed by Okkervil River’s Justin Sherburn, sound design is by Buzz Moran of Intergalactic Nemesis, with original songs written by Roger Wallace.

Production started April 29th, 2013, and continues through the summer of 2013 in Austin, Texas. EARP is produced through a partnership with Aphid Animation (founded by Craig Staggs & Kevin Peake after the two worked as animators on Richard Linklater’s A Scanner Darkly), Minnow Mountain (a new transmedia studio started by Craig Staggs and longtime producer Steph Swope to develop original content), and F/N Entertainment (a new independent private financing company headed by the award-winning producer, K. Josie Collier).

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/earpwebshow

Youtube – www.youtube.com/user/MinnowMountain