Deal With It: Weekend Animated Gif Project

Minnow Mountain and fwends Slip N’ Slide their way to summer fun!

If you are a human with a computer you have probably seen the Deal With It animated Gif meme. If you are an animator on a high pressure project like Earp, you need some way to blow off steam. And if you live in Austin you long for summer to start so you can get blasted, get naked and do water based activities.

We took a day a couple of weekends ago to try and replicate the above animated magic. Not just mimic it, but become part of it, understand it and then expand on the idea.

And this is the result…


Um, yeah. Pretty awesome.

Now, if you like road rash- and who doesn’t? Check this. Here’s a little video- with a surprise at the end for the ladies- of us making fools of ourselves making a Gif of us being fools.

This is gonna be the best summer ever.