Making Earp

Making Earp is a video blog that takes you behind the scenes at Minnow Mountain’s Earp. Join series creator Craig Staggs as he shares elements of animated film making you don’t usually get to see. See all the Making Earp Videos at

The Intergalactic Nemesis is a “live action graphic novel” that features Buzz Moran as a live Foley artist. Buzz is our Sound Designer on Earp and we can’t wait for you to hear his work doing sound for our animated comedy. In the meantime enjoy a full ten episodes of […]

Intergalatic Nemesis: Buzz Moran, Sound Man in Demand

Putt-Putt Perfection This great little short documentary perfectly pairs sweet animation with savory miniature golf dudes. It was directed by Mickey Duzyj and Jeremy Johnstone. I found it on Grantland Via The Putting Penguin. It’s a real hole in one! Okay, it’s eighteen of them. Hey, Snoop, did this guy […]

The Perfect 18

We are back! After a short break for creative and decidedly uncreative reasons we are back in production full time on Earp and this is the first fruit of our efforts. It’s a long panning background. So long, in fact that it is day on one side and night on […]

Background Art: Earp Farm